Representative Accountability Teams (RATs) hold our elected representatives accountable through advocacy and tracking of bills. We helped them get elected and know they work for us, so we organize issue teams that keep track of what's happening in Dallas, Austin and Washington D.C. If you're passionate about an issue: Healthcare, Women's Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Human Rights, Gerrymandering, Immigration, Climate Crisis, Criminal Law Reform, Affordable Housing, or another social issue, we can use your passion and talents to keep Texas moving in the right direction.  Contact Whitney Wolf,

Jennifer Owen - Voting Rights

Woot Lervisit - Affordable Housing 

Joan Ridley - Gerrymandering

Elaine Campbell - Criminal Law Reform

Roger Knudson - Climate Change

Rosie Curts & Woot Lervisit - Education

Rosie Curts - Women's Reproductive Rights

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