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Turn Texas Blue


 Precinct United Mobilization Plan

 is our plan to turn Texas BLUE.

Texas is NOT a red state. It has been a NON-Voting state, and we need your help to turn Texas BLUE.


These are the ways you can help:

Click the activity name above for details.

precinct team

precinct teams

We want to build a Democratic community in all of our precincts. If you like meeting and talking to others, please consider joining our team.


Our precinct teams encourage people to get involved by:

  • Attending our monthly meetings 

  • Attending postcard parties

  • Promoting FEDDs car magnets

  • Wearing our blue bands


Our precinct teams host gatherings so neighbors can meet for:

  • Debate watches

  • Meet the candidate sessions

  • Super Bowl parties

  • Wine and cheese

  • Coffee and bagels – whatever event you would like to have.

The idea is to get your Democratic neighbors “out of the closet” and build a community.

Email Mary Leyendecker

block walking


The FEDDs knock on left-leaning doors in precincts to make voters aware of Democratic candidates and voting information. For the 2020 fall election, the pandemic changed all of our plans to block walk, and we believe this affected our results. So we want to build a team who is comfortable knocking on doors for 2022.

So if you like to walk and are comfortable going to doors with a partner (or would like training with an experienced partner), we need your help.

Email Mary Leyendecker

postcard parties

post card writing parties

Do you enjoy meeting other Democrats and sharing drinks or a meal and some great conversations (once COVID is contained)? Then think about coming to our postcard parties!

The FEDDs have hosted monthly postcard parties at Dream Café on Mockingbird Lane and Matt's Rancho Martinez on Skillman. We send postcards to invite members to our next monthly meeting. We supply the postcards, pens, mailing labels and the stamps. We need people to write a short message on each postcard with details of the event. We ask for donations to cover the cost of postcards and stamps.


The postcard parties are a great way to meet other FEDDs members. Check Upcoming Activities to see the date for the next postcard party.


Email Mary Leyendecker if you have any questions.

We hope to resume these later in 2021.


lit stick

Lit stick on neighborhood doors

The FEDDs most popular Get Out the Vote (GOTV) event is the lit stick! The “lit stick” is a giant sticky note that we put on the doors of left-leaning voters. It lists the early voting dates, times, and locations and information about election day.


No Knocking, Just Sticking.   


We give you a list of addresses on which to place the lit sticks.
You do not need to knock! You just need to walk and “stick”.


You can schedule your turf walk(s) at your convenience.
Come grab your turf(s) and 'stickies', then head off to lit stick on your own schedule. 


We will need a massive team of walkers to accomplish this task before early voting starts.

This is a COVID-safe, outdoor, and in-person event. Masks required and please keep some distance.


Email Mary Leyendecker

Volunteer Deputy Registrar (VDR)

VDRs are superheros

Volunteer Deputy Registrars are entrusted with the responsibility of officially registering voters in the State of Texas. They are appointed by county voter registrars and charged with helping increase voter registration in the state. Acceptance of the duties of volunteer deputy registrar places you in a position of trust and responsibility to the citizens you register to vote.

Check here for Dallas County Volunteer Deputy Registrar training information.

Please let us know if you are a VDR, so that we can let you know of upcoming opportunities to register voters (and let you know how awesome you are).

Email Tricia Sanders when you finish VDR training and have your credentials.

If you want to be certified as a VDR in another Texas county, check Powered By People's VDR Training page.