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Who Are the Lit Stickers?

Updated: Mar 14

We have many amazing volunteers who walk miles every day to Get Out the Vote, and we also have brand new volunteers who are excited to join our effort. We wanted to take a moment and introduce you to a couple of our newest lit stickers. We wish we had photos of everyone, but the stories are what inspire us!

Daniel is age 28 and heard about us from a friend (who is another amazing block walker for the FEDDs, Kristin)! Daniel came to our launch on Sunday and took a turf in Garland. He texted me a short while later and asked if he could come back for another turf to do that afternoon. And then he texted that night to say he would do as many turfs as he could in Garland this week! Daniel said this election really matters to him, and he wants to do what he can to make a difference. Daniel is engaged, ready to vote, and get others to vote!

Jeri Beth Foshee is a physician living in lower Greenville who learned about the FEDDs when she found a lit stick on her door over a week ago. Jeri was glad to hear there was an East Dallas group working to Get Out the Vote. As a physician, she supports politicians who want guaranteed healthcare for everyone. Jeri joined us on Sunday to walk a turf in Garland, and she will be back next weekend to help.

There are so many new volunteers, and we apologize that we don't know all of your stories--but we are glad you are here. And we plan to feature some of our veteran lit stickers in the next update--we just need some more photos!

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