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We shared a post recently about some of our newest lit stickers. Now we want you to meet just a FEW of our veteran lit stickers. Again, we have so many members walking right now, and we are thankful for each and every one! But we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our high mile group.

Alan Davis has been walking easily two turfs a day since we started our Get Out the Vote effort. And he walked many turfs this summer distributing flyers during days of triple digit heat. Alan texted us after the first (and we hope last) presidential debate that he was not "ready to stand down or stand by", and he wanted more turfs! Alan is scheduled for knee surgery on October 22nd, but he is not letting a limp slow him down. Alan and Nancy were always regulars at our postcard parties when we could meet in person. They have highlighted lit stick pads, written postcards, provided tables for our labeling and highlighting parties, and they continue to support the FEDDs in many ways.

And then we have the amazing team of Bill Sass and Jane Griffin who have walked more turfs than we can count--whenever and wherever we need them. They now have volunteers to help cover their home precinct, but they continue to walk in East Dallas and

Garland. Bill & Jane also walked to post flyers all summer, as well as staple alcohol pads, count flyers into turf packets, deliver packets to precinct organizers, and cut turfs for this GOTV effort. In addition, Bill installs the big Biden Harris yard signs with the FEDDs logo that you are seeing all around our area, and Jane keeps all of our spreadsheets that track sign orders and turfs up to date.

These are just a few of our veterans. We will continue to share more about

other members and how we are all working to TURN TEXAS BLUE!

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