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Texas elected officials who voted AGAINST certifying election results on January 6

US Senator TED CRUZ led this shameful effort along with Josh Hawley, (R) Missouri. Four other Republican Senators ended up joining the fray, three from the Deep South and one from Kansas.

A total of 121 House members supported the objection, all Republican. This is well over half of the Republicans in the House; they control 212 of the 435 total seats.

There are 36 US Congressional Districts in Texas, and 23 of them are represented by Republicans. Of those 23, FIFTEEN voted against certifying the election results on Wednesday after the Capitol was stormed by Trump supporters and people were killed.

Here is a list of the culprits:

Source: article on 1/7/21

Lance Gooden, the representative for District 5 which includes a large part of the FEDDs geographical area, was one of the 15 on this list. Another familiar name on the list: Pete Sessions, who won District 17 in the Waco area. Colin Allred beat Sessions in 2018 to represent CD 32.

As you glance down the list, you may notice one similarity with the names... they are all males. It is way past time to get more women elected to office!

Keep in mind these officials voted against certifying election results AFTER the unprecedented and deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol. We will not forget this - especially as they will all be up for reelection in 2022. This is NOT the will of the vast number of Texas constituents they represent!

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