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Texas Democrats Targeting 22 Republican-held House Districts in 2020

Texas Democrats only need to win nine seats to flip the Texas House. In 2018, twenty-two Republican-held seats were won by less than ten points, and the Texas Democratic Party (TDP) is targeting every single one of these seats in 2020.

These 22 seats are in competitive districts that can be won by Democrats. It is interesting to note that Republicans in five of these 22 districts have already decided to retire, as opposed to facing likely defeat in November.

All of these 22 districts are in urban or suburban areas, and the 18 shown in the chart below are in the DFW or Houston metro areas. Demographics are changing considerably in these districts, and Democrats can win them if we focus on GOTV - Get out the Vote. Texas is ranked #49 in voter turnout. This is downright embarrassing, and it's time we eliminate the apathy and turn Texas Blue!

Our Democratic House candidates are fighting for good neighborhood public schools, affordable healthcare for all Texans, and common-sense gun safety measures such as red flag laws and ending the background check loophole to protect Texans. Republicans in the Legislature have opposed these popular positions at every opportunity. Voters are sick and tired of Republicans who won’t do what’s right for Texans... And we need to do whatever we can to pull them out of the shadows and get them to vote in November!

YOU can help increase progressive, left-leaning voter turnout by volunteering with the FEDDs... whether it's mailing postcards, "lit sticking" prior to the General Election in November, knocking on doors (canvassing) to identify Dems, or registering voters. There is something for everyone who wants to get involved and remove Trump from office before he's able to place even more conservative judges on the Supreme Court.



Our mission is to increase Democratic voter turn-out in East Dallas and ultimately create entire communities of progressive, Democratic voters that will turn Texas back to blue and keep it that way for years to come.

If you look around our website and can't find what you're looking for, reach out and we'll be in touch!


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