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Meet More Lit Stickers (and VDR)

We continue to tell the stories of the people behind the stickers on your doors--who they are and why did they get involved. The FEDDs have found so many amazing volunteers--we could write a story every week. But please take a moment to hear about some of them here.

Zack Miller and Scott Revord are energetic walkers who put FEDDs lit out whenever we ask. We asked them about their support in August, and they said "The FEDDs make it SO easy! They just tell us when to show up, and then tell us what to do." On our first round of lit sticks for November 2020, they asked for SIX turfs in their area. And they came every weekend and asked for more. Zack & Scott are committed Democrats who make every event they attend more fun for the rest of us. They are committed to turning Texas BLUE!

Kathleen Seacat and Virginia Holleman are long-tine FEDDs members, and they have walked many turfs for flyers and lit sticks as well as participating in many of our events, both pre and post COVID.

Kathleen works full-time in sales, but she is also an amazing baker who is making and delivering treats to our poll greeting tables. She did the same in 2018. Virginia is a VDR with March to the Polls and speaks to high school seniors about the importance of voting as well as registering them to vote.

We want to share a special story. We sent teams into HD 112 a couple of weeks ago to Get Out the Vote. One team encountered an unregistered voter on the morning of Oct. 4th. They asked for a VDR to travel to Richardson that day. I sent out a request, and Virginia answered immediately. She called the potential voter, drove to Richardson that evening and registered him, and turned in the forms on the last day to register voters, October 5, 2020.

Thank you volunteers!

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