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Help turn Texas BLUE (like Georgia) by Registering Voters!

Updated: Apr 25

Georgia was by far the biggest success story for Democrats during the 2020 Election. Not only did they elect a Democratic President for the first time in 28 years, they also elected TWO Democratic US Senators at the same time - one being the first Black Senator and the other being the first Jewish Senator from Georgia.

So how did Georgia accomplish this amazing feat? One key step was aggressively registering left-leaning voters. We can do the same in Texas, but we need to recruit as many Voter Deputy Registrars (VDRs) as possible!

Virtual VDR training classes are unlimited in size. Here is the link showing the upcoming dates in January:


The classes are free. Once you are deputized as a VDR, you can register any eligible voters who reside in Dallas County. Your term as a VDR will last until December 31, 2022.

Once you have taken the virtual class, you must pick up your VDR certificate and materials in person at the Dallas County Elections office: 1520 Round Table Dr, Dallas TX 75247... just west of Love Field. If you do not want to take the class, you are welcome to study on your own and take the exam at the Elections Office.

Please plan to attend a virtual training class and become deputized as a VDR within the next couple months if at all possible. Registering new voters was a key step in turning Georgia blue in 2020 -- and we can do the same in Texas!

The Republicans in Texas are already aware of the benefits of registering (conservative) voters, and they took advantage of it much more so than Dems before the 2020 Election. Republicans are going to be even more aggressive going forward, and we must be prepared for 2022 by registering as many left-leaning eligible voters as possible!

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