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Help GET OUT THE VOTE by distributing FEDDs Flyers!

The FEDDs are currently targeting registered voters who typically don't vote but are most likely left-leaning. Our goal is to deliver flyers to their homes 3 or 4 times before we change our focus to lit sticks beginning in late September and ending October 18 before early voting starts.

Our first round of flyers in June resulted in close to 8,000 being delivered to homes in East Dallas! But now we need your help with July flyers which will be available for distribution on July 7. A pic of the July flyer is shown below.

Similar to lit sticks, there is no knocking on doors - you just stick and go! These flyers don't have adhesive like the lit sticks, so it's best to bring along a roll of Scotch tape. We also staple a small sterile alcohol pad to the flyer in order to recognize our concern for COVID-19.

This is a great opportunity to Get Out The Vote in East Dallas. Texas ranks 49th in voter turnout, and that's just embarrassing! If you'd like to take a "turf" of flyers and distribute them in July, please contact Mary Leyendecker at mleyendeckernc@gmail.com or Mike Nelson at MikeScottNelson@gmail.com. A turf (walkable area within a precinct) is generally about 40-60 homes; however, we can accommodate any number you feel comfortable with.

Thanks for helping us Get Out The (PROGRESSIVE) Vote in Dallas and turn Texas BLUE!

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