FEDDs Lit Stick Social - April 18th

Where - 9821 Estacado Dr., Dallas, TX 75228-3666

When -  Sunday at 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

It's that time again: Lit Sticking Time!!

Join us in Getting Out the Vote (GOTV) for the Dallas Municipal Elections!

This past year, it has become apparent how crucial it is to have strong leadership at the local level (and, well, at the Federal level too - can we get a fist bump for Joe and Kamala?). Our

elected officials impact our lives every day - and our safety during crises. Help us ensure everyone gets out to vote in the May 1 election so we have the leadership we need in place. (Early voting is April 19th-27th.)

Join us Sunday, April 18th, for a fun social. Come anytime between 10:00 am - 12:00 pm to FEDD headquarters (9821 Estacado Dr.) to pick up your turf map and lit sticks (stickies).

You can schedule your turf walk(s) at your convenience.

mleyendeckernc@gmail.com Lit Stick in Central FEDDs area

Email Mary Leyendecker to select the area of Dallas you want to Lit Stick:

  • Northern FEDDs area (north of the lake, precincts like 1005, 1044, 2060, 2064, etc.)

  • Central FEDDs area (west of the lake, precincts like 1016, 2039, 2072, etc.) FEDDs

  • Southern area (east of the lake, precincts like 1045,1079, 1081, 2065, etc.)

Check the Lit Stick Precincts Map with this link.

Early voting starts April 19th. Until then, we are "lit sticking" the FEDDs area and beyond! If weekends don't work for you, email Kristy, Mary, or your precinct organizer for porch pick up of turfs and stickies at anytime. They are ready now!

Come grab your turf(s) and 'stickies', have a donut, then head off to lit stick on your own schedule. 

This is a COVID-safe, outdoor, and in-person event. Masks required and please keep some distance.

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