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FEDDs host meeting on Fair Housing as part of ongoing Education Series

A big Thank You to Frances Espinoza from the North Texas Fair Housing Center (NTFHC) for speaking at the FEDDs Education Series event on January 29! It was very informative for all attendees. Some of the nuggets we gained:

  • Of the almost 29,000 fair housing complaints filed in 2017, 56% were based on Disability. 16% were based on Race.

  • The vast majority of these complaints, 71%, were filed with non-profit fair housing organizations like NTFHC, as opposed to HUD or state and city fair housing departments.

  • The Fair Housing Act (FHA) offers protections for Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Familial Status (children under 18), and Disability (physical and/or mental). Both Sexual Orientation and Immigration Status are NOT protected in Texas.

  • A landlord CANNOT ask anything about your disability, such as...

1) How severe is your disability?

2) Can I see your medical records?

3) Have you ever been hospitalized because of a mental disability?

4) Do you take medications? What kind?

If you or someone you know feels they've been discriminated against by a landlord, the NTFHC can process your complaint by phone or in person. A complaint can also be filed through their website: northtexasfairhousing.org. NTFHC serves twelve counties in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas.

Stay tuned for our next Education Series event!

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