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2020 Presidential Race - Dallas Co.

Updated: Mar 14

We are all relieved that Biden won in November and will take office shortly. Here is a look at the 2020 Presidential race in Dallas County. Dallas County came out strong for Biden/Harris, but a closer look into other races shows a slightly different story.

The map below shows turnout by precinct for Biden/Harris. The darkest blue represents precincts that voted most heavily for Biden/Harris, and the darkest red voted most heavily for Trump/Pence.

The area within the yellow box roughly represents the Park Cities and Preston Hollow, bound by 635, the Tollway, Central Expressway, and the southern border of Highland Park. The vast majority of precincts in this area voted for Trump/Pence; however, only two precincts overwhelmingly voted for them as shown by the dark red color. Most of the precincts were either a light or dark pink, which means the majority still voted for Trump/Biden, but not by such high margins as the dark red ones.

Lake Highlands is an interesting area to review. In 2018, it was almost entirely red; however, most voted for Biden/Harris with the exception of four precincts that are light pink.

2020 POTUS - Dallas County by Precinct

Source: Montfort Political Consulting

But now let's take a look at the US Senate race, Hegar vs. Cornyn. A very different story in Dallas County! The Park Cities and Preston Hollow are almost solid dark red, as is the majority of Lake Highlands and Far North Dallas. This phenomenon is also evident in many suburban precincts in Coppell, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Richardson, and Garland.

2020 US Senate - Dallas County by Precinct

Source: Montfort Political Consulting

This would seem to indicate that many suburban and higher-income voters, most likely voting Republican in the past, had enough of Trump - yet they weren't willing to vote for Dems further down the ticket. Biden obtained 64.9% of the county vote, whereas Hegar obtained just 61.2%. For comparison, Beto obtained 66.1% of the county vote.

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