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 New FEDD MemberS

May 2021

Welcome New FEDDs!
We are so happy to have you on our team of fine Democrats! If you haven't provided us with your address and phone number, please email this information to Tricia Sanders at txfedds@gmail.com. We use this information to help identify fellow Democrats in your community so you can connect with your neighborhood team.

#LoveThy FEDD      #LoveConquersHate      #FEDDsForward     #FEDDs        #FlipTexas     #RegisterToVote   

  • Matthew Anderson

  • Hilarie Benedetto

  • Timothy Brooks

  • Rebecca Brown

  • Jennifer Cortez

  • Rick DuLaney

  • Cody Matthews

  • Nayem Molla MD

  • Sarah Mowery

  • Faye Neal

  • Alex Oesau

  • Jeff Oestreich

  • Susanne Faulkner

  • Selina Glasscock

  • Sem Habtemariam

  • Matthew Helm

  • Courtney Helms

  • Darrell Herbert

  • Alexandra Olson

  • Grant Potter

  • Jake Stultz

  • Patrick Svitek

  • Indianna Taylor

  • Tonja Terrazas

  • Jennifer Wilson

  • Joe "Jaws" Jaworski

  • Trisha Lackey

  • Emily Levin

  • Oralia Lopez

  • Philippa Maples

  • Doris Marshall