fedds virtual Meetings

The FEDDs will continue with events using virtual meetings.   Our work to get out the left leaning vote will continue and the FEDDs community will continue to grow and support one another!   Join us in our new meeting format!

We will use GoToMeeting (https://www.gotomeeting.com/) as our virtual meeting provider.   You will be able to join meetings using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.  Depending on the features of your device, you will be able to join the web meeting to see everyone else in the meeting, be seen through a web cam by the other attendees, and/or hear the audio of the meeting.  The presenter will also be able to display information from their computer.

Each FEDDs event will have a GoToMeeting meeting link, meeting id, and dial-in number.   You can find the link on the FEDDs Facebook page under the particular event or meeting. All of the relevant information for the meeting will be found there. You can use the link or the meeting ID to join through you computer or tablet.   (click on an icon below for instructions).   You can use the dial-in number for audio only attendance using your phone.   

Our goal is to continue to provide a community of like-minded, left leaning dems as we all work through these changing times.  Let's all gather as we can, supporting each other, and face this new adventure in using different technology to meet those goals Together!   




Our mission is to increase Democratic voter turn-out in East Dallas and ultimately create entire communities of progressive, Democratic voters that will turn Texas back to blue and keep it that way for years to come.

If you look around our website and can't find what you're looking for, reach out and we'll be in touch!

Contact: txfedds@gmail.com

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