The FEDDs Education team plans monthly meetings on topics of interest to our members. We advertise these sessions in What's Happening! and they are open to the public to attend (virtually with Zoom). 

Note: You do not have to be a member of the FEDDs to attend.

Past Presentations at our Monthly Education Meetings

April 20th - Gerrymandering Meeting with Joan Ridley
March 30th -
87th Texas Legislature Bill Review with Freda Heald and Brandy Chambers
March 16th -
Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan (CECAP) with Susan Alvarez

EDU Gerrymandering FB EVENT.png

If you missed the Gerrymandering meeting this past week, you can find the recording of it at this link: Gerrymandering Presentation by Joan Ridley.

Special thanks to hosts Freda Cristol Heald and Whitney Wolf, and a
huge thank you to Joan M. Ridley who created and presented this very informative program.

Here's the super informative deck to review (click here). 


On March 30, 2021, Brandy Chambers and Freda Heald presented the 87th Texas Legislature Review. There is some good bills and a lot of bad bills. 
Take a look at their
87th Texas Legislature presentation. (Click on it.)

Legislative review of 87th Texas legislature bills

Or you can watch the 87th Texas Legislature Bill Review presentation in this video below!

On March 16, 2021, Susan Alvarez, the Assistant Director of Dallas City Environmental Quality and Sustainability office gave the update on the Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan (CECAP).
Click HERE for a copy of the Power Point presentation of the CECAP Update.