Who are the FEDDs?


Who are the FEDDs?


The Funky East Dallas Democrats are a merry band of volunteer activists with a proven track record of increasing voter turnout through precinct-level organizing. We mobilize, educate, and support activists, organizers, and precinct chairs in GOTV (get out the vote) efforts and community building. We collaborate with the Dallas County Democratic Party, LHWR Dems, and countless other Dem groups across the state to Flip TX Blue!

Our members are teachers, realtors, business owners, attorneys, care-givers, hair stylists, insurance agents, dog-walkers, interior designers, bartenders, housewives, artists, musicians, househusbands, retirees, college kids, and teenagers still in high school.   We're a big mixed bag of dedicated individuals from throughout East Dallas representing every variety of good people in this wonderfully diverse community.

Everyone is welcome! 

Parties where post cards are born!
Postcards ready to send out to democrats
Active FEDDs, peace sign
Pre-COVID meeting at a Times Ten Cellars
Educational meeting
Precinct gathering
Voting as a superpower
Flair for advertising Democrats
Voter registration event
Getting together often on Zoom
Voter registration event

“Politics is not a picture on a wall or a television sitcom that you can decide you don't much care for.” - Molly Ivins